Pros and Cons Advertise Using Adwords

Pros and Cons Advertise Using Adwords

Who does not know Google? Everyone has already known it. For those who usually search and surf on the internet must have known about Google. Today, almost everyone knows it. Common people usually sees Google only as a search engine, but the fact is more than that. There are many kinds of business of Google including Google Adwords, Android, and more. Google has been the biggest advertisement service in the world using Adwords. If you like to search everything online, there must be many advertisements in your search window or even the result. When you click the site recommended by Google, there will be many advertisements too. That is how Google will spread the advertisement. They will put some advertisements on some blogs and Google will pay to the blogger. We all know that advertising has been the biggest part of business. The way you promote will influence the result. The bigger exposure of the audience you can get the bigger chance for you to get more profit. The only thing you should consider when you are going to try Google Adwords is to see the pros and cons. There are several pros and cons when you want to use Adwords to advertise your business. Here we have several things you should read carefully before you decide to Google Adwords.


  • Well targeted visitors

As Google is the biggest advertising place you cannot deny, this makes you have a chance to get more targeted visitors as they have the power to it. You don’t need to worry about the visitors you want, just make sure that you made a good choice of the keywords you shoot and Google will give you visitors and consumers you have targeted. What makes Google special is this feature. There are no other advertising agencies better than Google targeted what their clients want to have for the visitors. As we all know that it’ll be easier when you can learn step by step to make a good deal and project in Google Adwords.

  • Various ads place

If you worry about the placement of your ads, you are wrong to go with Adwords. There are various placements you can choose. The various places make you flexible with what you want and how much your budget is. Every place has different price, so make sure that you choose that fits your budgets. You can choose upper banner with a certain size; it’s all up to you. If you let Google get your place, it’ll be better.

  • Affordable price

Another thing you could see in pros of Google Adwords is the affordable price. The price is pretty low and affordable. If you have established business, you may have chosen this Adwords for its good price. The only thing you should consider when you choose the price is your budget because you need to ensure that the calculation of budget and result to get a good balance.

  • Fast visitor

The best thing that you cannot deny the power of Google Adwords is the fast visitor you will get. Once you apply and pay, the visitors you targeted will come faster than you think. Google Adwords has an automatic system in delivering targeted visitors by the advertiser because once you apply; Google will fast put the advertisement on the blog related to your blog. You don’t need to promote and share your blog from one social media to other social media because once you use PPC, you will get visitors faster.


  • No local bank payment

PayPal has been in everywhere. It seems like impossible to see someone that runs on the internet having no PayPal account. The problem is when you live in the country that Credit Card is hard to apply. Asian countries usually have a problem with this thing, as PayPal needs Credit Card to apply and that is why it’s hard to have PayPal. People that have no Credit Card and PayPal usually wish to be able to transfer the payment of Google Adwords through local bank payment to get more ease. It is unlike social media like Facebook and Instagram that will let you pay the ads through local bank payment, so you don’t need to worry when you have no Credit Card or PayPal account because you can do it with a local bank.

  • Sensitive failure

Google Adwords is indeed powerful, but it needs careful research. Once, you have a little mistake in targeted visitors; you will get worse failure than you predicted. It’s wrong to say that Google Adwords is everything. The success of using Adwords does not depend on how Google works, but it also depends on how you target the visitors and apply the right strategy when you try to use this Adwords. That is why this advertising is sensitive to failure, so it needs a good strategy in targeting the visitors.