My Preisvergleich Questra World Review: CEO Taking MLM To Another Level? Lets See!

questra holdings mlm company

Our main focus here is Adwords and marketing in general however we do cover trending companies in our space. Here is a complete Questra world review. Hope you enjoy and if you have questions feel free to comment.

A video on the Questra World site determines Jose Manuel Gilabert as CEO of the business. Other than that, no details about Questra World’s management is supplied.

Questra dot com is a company just starting to trend. Their address is in Madrid, Spain is likewise supplied on the Questra World website.

The same address appears on AirBnB (as a one bed room house) for $45 a night.

The Questra World site domain (””) was signed up on the 30th of June. Questra Holdings is listed as the domain owner.

Questra World appears to have actually been initially introduced as Questra Holdings in mid 2015. Questra Holdings used the domain “”, which today is non-responsive.

In September 2016 Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority released a regulatory caution against Questra Holdings.

Questra Holdings is not an authorized investment firm or credit organization in Belgium. It is for that reason not permitted to supply banking and/or investment services in or from Belgium.

Additionally, the system proposed by Questra Holdings has every look of being of a pyramidal type or a minimum of a Ponzi fraud.

Whether this cause the Questra World name-change is unclear.

Potentially due to language barriers, I was unable to find any more details on Jose Manuel Gilabert (MLM associated or otherwise).

As constantly, if an MLM business is not honestly upfront about who is running or owns it, believe long and tough about joining and/or turning over any loan.

The Questra World Product Line
Questra World has no retailable product and services, with affiliates only able to market Questra World affiliate subscription itself.

The Questra World Settlement Plan
The Questra World settlement strategy sees affiliates buy eleven strategies, on the pledge of a typical weekly ROI.

There are eleven affiliate ranks within the Questra World payment strategy.

In addition to their particular qualification requirements, they are as follows:

A unilevel settlement structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel group, with every personally hired affiliate placed directly under them (level 1):.


If any level 1 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are put on level 2 of the initial affiliate’s unilevel group.

If any level 2 affiliates hire new affiliates, they are put on level 3 and so on etc down a theoretical unlimited variety of levels.

Commissions are paid out as a portion of funds invested by affiliates in a unilevel team.

If an affiliate is not at that Platinum Director or higher rank, they are paid their applicable percentage. The system then searches further up the upline to pay what stays of the overall 15% payout.

Eg. You are a Bronze Representative and recruit a brand-new VIP affiliate (EUR100,000 EUR).

Your recommendation commission rate is 7%, so you are paid EUR7000 EUR.

This leaves 8% of the total 15% produced, which has to be paid out to a Silver Representative and higher ranked affiliates.

The Questra World system starts browsing the upline for a Silver Agent or higher ranked affiliate.

The first it finds is a Bronze Director. A Bronze Director’s recommendation rate is 13%. 7% has currently been paid to you so they get the difference of 6%.

Of the overall 15%, 2% stays to be paid.

The Questra World system continues to search the upline for a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Handling or Super Director to pay the staying 2% out to.

If a Silver Director (14%) is found, the system pays out 1% and look for higher ranked affiliates to pay the remaining 1% out to.

If a Gold Director (14.5%) is found, the system pays out 1.5% and searches for a higher ranked affiliate to pay the remaining 0.5% out to.

If a Platinum, Handling or Super Director is found, the system pays out the staying 2% and stop searching.

Note that Platinum, Handling and Super Directors get the complete 15% recommendation commission rate on all deposits made by personally recruited affiliates.

As the total is paid out to these affiliates, no coded benefit is paid upline.

Interest Free Loan.
Questra World affiliates at the Gold Director and higher ranks can apply for an interest free loan.

The Questra World site states the loan needs to be put to real estate or a lorry.

25% of the cost of the realty or vehicle need to be paid by the affiliate. Questra World deal to pay the remaining 75% over a period of 5 years (lorry) or 10 years (property).

Repayments on the loan are secured of a Questra World affiliate’s commissions.

Signing up with Questra World.

Questra World affiliate subscription is tied to investment in one of eleven strategies:.

Standard– EUR90 to EUR999,999 EUR.
White– EUR90 EUR.
Yellow– EUR270 EUR.
Green– EUR810 EUR.
Blue– EUR2430 EUR.
Red– EUR7290 EUR.
Black– EUR21,870 EUR.
Indigo– EUR65,610 EUR.
VIP– EUR100,000 EUR.
VIP Gold– EUR250,000 EUR.
VIP Platinum– EUR500,000 EUR.
The main difference between the above plans is income capacity through the Questra World compensation plan.

Although provided in rather of a complicated matter, Questra World’s payment plan is simple enough.

Questra World affiliates invest approximately EUR999,999 EUR on the guarantee of weekly ROIs.

The only verifiable source of revenue going into Questra World is affiliate income. Using new affiliate profits to pay off existing affiliates makes Questra World a Ponzi scheme.

One thing I observed is that almost every video on the main Questra World YouTube channel is entitled in Russian. This struck me as unusual for a supposedly Spanish company.

I dug a little deeper and discovered a marketing discussion on the Questra World website.

Strangely enough the presentation start off by marketing Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Questra World claim to be an “advertising broker” with “exclusive rights” to promote Atlantic Global Possession Management.

Atlantic Global Property Management have financial investment plans of their own, providing weekly ROIs of up to 6.47% on deposits of approximately EUR500,000 EUR.

The business preserves a website over at “”.

Atlantic Global Asset Management claim to produce ROI income through the arranging and performing of IPOs, however absolutely nothing specifically links ROI payouts to IPOs.


Leave aside the fact that if Atlantic Global Property Management were able to consistently generate 300% to 500% ROIs in 7 to 8 months, they ‘d have no have to get financial investment from affiliates.

The CEO of Atlantic Global Property Management is cited as Andrey Andreevich Abakumov:.


This seems Questra World’s link to Russia.

No information outside of Abakumov’s participation with Questra World and Atlantic Global Possession Management exists.

Antonino Vieira Robalo is cited as President of Atlantic Global Asset Management’s “President of the Fund”.

Documents in the presentation suggest Atlantic Global Property Management have actually incorporated themselves in Cabo Verde.

Cabo Verde, likewise called Cape Verde, is a remote island nation of the west coast of Africa. It has a population of about 500,000.

Antonino Robalo is Questra World’s connect to Cabo Verde. Otherwise the business doesn’t appear to have any physical presence there.

EcoBank, who Atlantic Global Possession Management claim is “the largest bank in Cabo Verde”, is supposedly who they wash invested affiliate funds through.

When we put all this together, we get Russian scammers using Spanish puppets to front their Ponzi plan. Funds are laundered through a remote African island bank, which is not likely to journey cash laundering filters.

None of this even from another location recommends any legitimate company activity is happening across either Russia, Spain or Cabo Verde.

Just like all Ponzi plans, Questra World will collapse once recruitment of new affiliates dies out.

The very long maturity period of financial investments (365 days) implies Questra World, Atlantic Global Possession Management and other names they go by, will collapse long in the past affiliates realize their money is gone.

Why Should You Avoid Advertising with Ads?

Why Should You Avoid Advertising with Ads?

Many people want to grow their business and let their customers know about the business. Advertising becomes the important aspect of growing your business. However, although many people are trying to use advertising with Ads, it is not always suggested to you to do the same thing. What happens to it?

The first is because of you need to pay for clicks. By Google AdWords, you are paying for clicks. When the rates are reasonable, it does not become a big problem. You still have to pay to Google whenever someone clicks on your ad. It becomes terrible when you find visitors that not interested in your business, but just come to browse.

google adwords cost

Of course you know that with Google AdWords you’re paying for clicks. This was not a problem a long time ago when rates were more reasonable, you know pennies instead of dollars. The problem nowadays is that a startup or new business is dropping $5 or more per click to get people to visit their site. Sure. That may increase visitors because you appear at the top of the Google search page, but it’s not guaranteeing customers. Some clicks can be as high as around the $60 range per clicks. AdWords is not worth because the bids that you are paying are lower than the revenue that you are receiving from each visitor. You can try other option like advertising with Bing Ads or other lower cost solutions.

The second is it is, hard to compete with the big companies. Most of small businesses and startups are unable to compete especially with the larger companies. In the beginning, AdWords might be effective for small business. AdWords got pricey, so for the budding companies, there is no way for this small business to compete with the big brand. The larger company has a constant cash flow. This company can afford to drop well on an AdWords campaign.

The third is the limited number of characters. You cannot put all of your ideas because of you get the limited characters. If you are in the medical industries, you must be done not have enough characters to explain everything you need to explain. You have to choose your words carefully if you want to get the most of AdWords. The last, but might be not the least is about the mistakes you can cost dearly. Might be you put the wrong keywords that influence the quality of your websites. What do you have to do? You have to spend thousands to repair everything. You cannot get the real time information that could cost in gaining the important conversations. You do not need to confuse with the analytic. Once more, when you find your Ads do not fit to your niche, you should be careful. You will have no audience because the real audience will know your page when it is focused on the most relevant choice.

Before you have many things to discuss, it is better for you to learn more and find many references to it. What are you waiting for? Do you think your business is a small business that is good with AdWords? You can find the answer carefully because to analyze everything, you have to consider many things like your business cash flow. Is it difficult to make it? Make your company stable first. Everything will follow it by the time. If today you cannot compete with the big companies, you should be, patient and sure tomorrow you can do that. Recheck again your ability to have this ad before you go so far on this thing to concern.

Advertisement with Ads Need Compelling Ads First

Advertisement with Ads Need Compelling Ads First

how to use google adwords

How to write the compelling ads? Write compelling is done when you have identified the keywords that are relevant to your business. You can use the persuasive text ads which beg to be clicked. Writing ad text is a challenging task although Google AdWords offers the wide range of diverse ad formats. The text based PPC ads form the core of AdWords and to write the ad text, there is not least because of the space restrictions are subjected either. Remember that you only have the limited space to craft a compelling message. It speaks to your prospective customers and it persuaded them to click your ad. Getting more clicks is not a difficult thing to do anymore.

Many elements to consider when you write PPC ad text. Just recently iCoin Pro Builder made a major mistake. Their language use was a major factor in new distributors not understanding the process. The most important thing is your language choice. You also can have a dramatic impact on the tone of your advertisements. You will find that some ads leverage emotional responses like a dear or comedy to tempt visitors to click on them. Others capitalize on special offers and it is to make their ads more compelling. Here are some resources you can check to know how to write the clickable ads that convert.

– Ad Text Optimization: How to Improve Your PPC Ads

– 7 Ways to Write Super Effective AdWords Ads. It is including the real examples

– 5 Psychological Tricks to Exploit in Your PPC Ad Copy

You can have it by downloading it if you are pressed for time or looking for a starting point for your ad Copy. It is just a suggestion to you, but if you need more than it, you can check it one by one below.

It is good if you can evaluate the strength of your Google AdWords account. You can take the time to adjust and optimize your account regularly. It is one of the most important things you can do as a paid search advertiser. It can be a difficult thing to you to know how well your campaign is performing even if you did everything right. Therefore, WordStream creates the AdWords performance Grader. You will find in 60 seconds or less, this application will perform a comprehensive audit of your Google AdWords account. When you already did with logging in to your account, the AdWords performance Grader will evaluate the strength of your account based on the crucial PPC metrics. They are including the mobile optimization, landing pages, wasted spend, click-through rate, and text and optimization.

Remember that there is no other free tool provides as much unique as individualized insight into your AdWords account performance. It is as the AdWords Performance Grader. To see your account performing, it is good to you to identify the areas in which you can improve. You can try it free today. Check it out! It is not as difficult as your imagination, if you already thought if everything about advertising on Ads is something complicated. You will find the easiness was if you follow the procedure and the explanation above. You can check which one that you missed to have or fulfill and everything will be yours and your profits.

Advertise Using Adwords is Simpler by Google

Advertise Using Adwords is Simpler by Google

Google provides many things to consider helping you gain profits from the internet. Google launches Google AdWords which becomes the online advertising platform. It is owned and operated by Google and it becomes the largest and most widely used in the world. If you doubt about many things in the online advertising network. Many of businesses advertise online using AdWords to gain the new customers and as the helper to grow their business.

When you become the advertiser, you have to choose two options. It could be the search network that refers to pay per click advertising and the display network that advertisers bid on keywords and the keywords are relevant to their business. The advertisers have a chance to display their advertisements to their users. The users can enter those keywords into Google as the part of the search query. Paid search is also known as pay per click advertising. Advertisers are offered by the display network. It is like the option to place the visual banner-style advertisements on websites. The websites should be the part of the Display network and it reaches around 90% of the global internet users. It is a vast potential audience. Both search and, display advertising campaigns are managed by Google AdWords. In this case, AdWords is used to refer the search network. The digital marketers refer to the display network by its own name.

google adwords example

Now, find the answer to how to use Google AdWords. You should set up an AdWords account and do not worry because it is very easy and you only need few minutes to make it. You still have a choice whether you want to create your account using the existing Google account or you can create a new one specifically for use to Google AdWords. You need to specify your basic account first like your location and time zone. You will set up billing details and Google will bill you accurately each month.

How about the account structure? When you have set up your account, you should think about how to structure the AdWords account. There will be a logic account structure which can have a dramatic impact on some of the crucial PPC metrics. For example is Quality Score. To ensure your AdWords account, you should check your benefits:

– You will find more relevant traffic and clicks

– You will get the higher quality scores and the lower cost per clicks

– It makes your account easier to optimize and to maintain

You will have the simpler AdWords account of you have a single campaign. When you intend to run multiple campaigns or you have the plan to do it in the future. You should consider the optimal account structure from the outset. When you see the structure of it, you will find the individual campaigns with its own ad groups and each of them has its own keywords, landing pages, and unique ad text. Based on your need, you have many ways to structure the AdWords account. You can make structure based on the structure of your website, geographic location, and the types of products or services you are advertising. If your business operates in some individual markets, you can use the structure based on the geographic location. If you want to use Google AdWords, you should understand the keywords. It is time to check the fundamental building blocks that made the AdWords work. It is keywords. Keywords are the key words or it could be phrased. Users use it to enter into Google when performing a search to find the information they need. The works of AdWords are by allowing advertisers to bid on keywords that relevant to their business. Therefore, their ads are shown to users when these keywords are entered. AdWords function is in the same way as an auction and advertisers bid on keywords than buy them. It is to ensure if not only advertisers with the largest budget can do it.

You should know which keywords are worth to bid before you try to bid it. Many different ways conduct PPC keyword research when launching a new AdWords campaign. The great starting point is WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. How to do it? You just have to enter a search term and WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. It will generate a comprehensive list of keywords related to the original. The data for the relative frequency of the relative keywords can be seen and the search volume is too. Do you know WordStream Advisor? There is a comprehensive suite of keyword research tools. It enables you to find new keyword ideas, find negative keywords, and identify the keyword niches. It is also can exclude the negative keywords from your campaigns and more than it. You can check your profits after you use this WordStream Advisor.

Four Advantages Using Adwords to Advertise

Four Advantages Using Adwords to Advertise

google adwords

To get the visitors and market you targeted, you need to try Google Adwords that has been claimed by most of the people on the internet as one of the most powerful services in advertising. If you want to advertise using Adwords, you may need to learn on how to apply and make a good strategy in targeting visitors. Google Adwords has been the most phenomenal and powerful advertising service. Even, there have been many big and global companies have used their service. What makes it powerful is the service that can give you faster visitors and targeted customers with fast speed. You also can control your budget using Google Adwords. You have your hand handling the ads, and there is no one can interrupt the ads budget in Google Adwords with visitors or customers you targeted.

This service has many options you can choose to control where you want the visitors to come from, and where to target the visitors to come. You can customize anything you want with this service. It may be the best service in the internet world. If you are online seller or blogger, or a company that wants to expand to online customers, Google Adwords is the best choice for you. You can target the market by your own from the cities or even province. Another pro you can take when you try this service is that you can customize the budgets and the ads, as they have various place and size of banner where you ads take place. It also has a different price. That is why you can control your budget and the target. To make you surer about this service, we have four advantages when you use Adwords to advertise.

Yoonla is a marketing platform that has a good way of explaining these topics.

Here are some of the positives and what you need to understand:

Affordable price

The first advantage of this service is the affordable price. You can choose PPC or others depending on the budget you want. You don’t need to pay when the ads you have got are clicked by no one. The cost of the ads usually will be paid when it has been clicked ranging from 0,01 up to certain amount of dollars. Indeed, PPC is legit, but when you have a tight budget, you can choose others. As the price is so low, this service can be considered as the best place to advertise for those who want to improve their marketing performance to keep getting a higher number of sales.

Good ads targeted by Adwords

If you are on the first page of Google Search, you may have often seen the ads in the top of the result. The ads are from those who apply ads in Google Adwords and pay the ads. If your ads are placed on the first page of Google Result, it truly changes the result of the visitors and gets more customers. Google gives you guarantee on that. The better choice if you can give a bigger budget of your ads, so you can get better exposure and targeted visitors that have big potential to buy or become your loyal customers. There is no different or discrimination whether you are a big or small company. When you can pay the ads, Google will guarantee the first-page placement of your ads

It’s easy to use

Another advantage of using Adwords to advertise is its ease. You don’t need to do complicated things in applying the ads because you just need to do a little research of right keywords you target and control the details of the visitors you want to like what keywords you want to shoot, where the location of the visitors you want to get, and more. There is no complicated research you have to do when you use Google Adwords. If you are confused, you may need little read to get clear information on how to use Adwords to advertise.

The report is accurate

All of the activities you need to know when you are using Google Adwords is accurately reported by Google. You can see how many people have clicked, how far your ads are exposed and how well the performance of your ads impacting your blog or sales. All of the reports made by Google are accurate. You don’t need to worry when the performance is down; you can track the activities and find the problem there.

Pros and Cons Advertise Using Adwords

Pros and Cons Advertise Using Adwords

Who does not know Google? Everyone has already known it. For those who usually search and surf on the internet must have known about Google. Today, almost everyone knows it. Common people usually sees Google only as a search engine, but the fact is more than that. There are many kinds of business of Google including Google Adwords, Android, and more. Google has been the biggest advertisement service in the world using Adwords. If you like to search everything online, there must be many advertisements in your search window or even the result. When you click the site recommended by Google, there will be many advertisements too. That is how Google will spread the advertisement. They will put some advertisements on some blogs and Google will pay to the blogger. We all know that advertising has been the biggest part of business. The way you promote will influence the result. The bigger exposure of the audience you can get the bigger chance for you to get more profit. The only thing you should consider when you are going to try Google Adwords is to see the pros and cons. There are several pros and cons when you want to use Adwords to advertise your business. Here we have several things you should read carefully before you decide to Google Adwords.


  • Well targeted visitors

As Google is the biggest advertising place you cannot deny, this makes you have a chance to get more targeted visitors as they have the power to it. You don’t need to worry about the visitors you want, just make sure that you made a good choice of the keywords you shoot and Google will give you visitors and consumers you have targeted. What makes Google special is this feature. There are no other advertising agencies better than Google targeted what their clients want to have for the visitors. As we all know that it’ll be easier when you can learn step by step to make a good deal and project in Google Adwords.

  • Various ads place

If you worry about the placement of your ads, you are wrong to go with Adwords. There are various placements you can choose. The various places make you flexible with what you want and how much your budget is. Every place has different price, so make sure that you choose that fits your budgets. You can choose upper banner with a certain size; it’s all up to you. If you let Google get your place, it’ll be better.

  • Affordable price

Another thing you could see in pros of Google Adwords is the affordable price. The price is pretty low and affordable. If you have established business, you may have chosen this Adwords for its good price. The only thing you should consider when you choose the price is your budget because you need to ensure that the calculation of budget and result to get a good balance.

  • Fast visitor

The best thing that you cannot deny the power of Google Adwords is the fast visitor you will get. Once you apply and pay, the visitors you targeted will come faster than you think. Google Adwords has an automatic system in delivering targeted visitors by the advertiser because once you apply; Google will fast put the advertisement on the blog related to your blog. You don’t need to promote and share your blog from one social media to other social media because once you use PPC, you will get visitors faster.


  • No local bank payment

PayPal has been in everywhere. It seems like impossible to see someone that runs on the internet having no PayPal account. The problem is when you live in the country that Credit Card is hard to apply. Asian countries usually have a problem with this thing, as PayPal needs Credit Card to apply and that is why it’s hard to have PayPal. People that have no Credit Card and PayPal usually wish to be able to transfer the payment of Google Adwords through local bank payment to get more ease. It is unlike social media like Facebook and Instagram that will let you pay the ads through local bank payment, so you don’t need to worry when you have no Credit Card or PayPal account because you can do it with a local bank.

  • Sensitive failure

Google Adwords is indeed powerful, but it needs careful research. Once, you have a little mistake in targeted visitors; you will get worse failure than you predicted. It’s wrong to say that Google Adwords is everything. The success of using Adwords does not depend on how Google works, but it also depends on how you target the visitors and apply the right strategy when you try to use this Adwords. That is why this advertising is sensitive to failure, so it needs a good strategy in targeting the visitors.